The mobile phone is an iconic product that everyone is busy with all day long. Let’s make people aware of the value of waste with this product. In a cool and positive way!

Let’s reduce that big pile of electronic waste together and make something really beautiful with it. If we want to strive for a circular economy, we must make this tangible for everyone.


That’s why we have developed two kinds of workshops:

  • An online Golddiggers quiz for everyone around the world.
  • The Urban Mining workshop. This workshop takes place live on location. During this workshop, we will take phones apart and look for the gold inside! We do this workshop mainly for companies and schools (check out this news item ‘Het Jeugdjournaal’ made about us!)

In our workshops you will learn a lot of things. We will take you on a journey through the world of the circular economy. Because waste can be valuable! What’s actually inside an old phone? And more importantly, what can you do with it? We will share the ins and outs of your phone, fierce facts about e-waste and gold mining in the world. And of course, we will tell you a bit about why and how we founded Nowa. After that, we’ll do a fun quiz to test your knowledge! For the true gold diggers among us: the winner will receive a stunning Nowa necklace.

Sounds fun and interesting?