Bright Star Silver Necklace



Hey there, star!


Made from 100% recycled silver, this unique and timeless pendant is the perfect sustainable gift for yourself or someone you love. Fun & sustainable fact: the silver used for this piece of jewelry is extracted directly from recycled mobile phones.


And you’ve got options! The necklace is available in different lengths: 40, 50, or 60 cm.


Your purchase funds the collecting and recycling of waste phones from Africa. Therefore, you contribute to less e-waste worldwide.


Shopping never felt so good! 

Dare to see the beauty in waste 

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The Bright Star necklace is designed by the talented Mickey Philips. Together with Mickey, we decided that we wanted options for women. That’s why this unique pendant was designed to be worn in several ways—as a necklace, a brooch, an earring, and a bracelet. For every day of the week, a new combination.

This necklace is also known as Tamara. Why you ask? Ready to swoon? This necklace was made possible by a husband in love who contributed to Nowa’s Kickstarter campaign. In return for his contribution he wanted to name this necklace after his lovely wife, Tamara.

Did you know e-waste (electronic waste) grows faster than any other solid waste stream? We want to transform this big waste problem into an opportunity for recycling. All our jewelry is handmade, locally produced, and 100% made out of recycled mobile phones.

We believe in circularity. That’s why we make sure that our partner Closing the Loop can collect, ship, and responsibly recycle waste phones from Africa with every piece of jewelry that we sell. This way, these metals will be used for eternity!

The Bright Star necklace reminds us to shine every day. Are you ready to shine?


40CM, 50CM, 60CM