Infinity Bracelet Silver – unisex



‘YOU’RE GOLDEN’ – and so is your phone’.


Everyone loves phones. Nobody likes waste. Worldwide there are hundreds of millions of old mobile phones lying in people’s drawers. Doing nothing.


Nowa is on a mission to collect these old end-of-life phones and create something beautiful with them. Because our raw materials are running out, it is becoming increasingly important that we recycle more. Only then we can reuse valuable raw materials – such as gold and silver in old phones. In your old phone(s)!


That’s why we’re starting the CHAINREACTION, the coolest ACTION for collecting old mobile phones!


When you order one of our bracelets, you will receive one extra card with ‘YOU ARE WORTH GOLD – and so is your phone’. With this card, you can tell someone how much you like him or her and you will spread the message of the importance of handing in your old phones. Like a true chain reaction.


YOU are the most important chain. This is your Chain Reaction! Be kind to each other and the planet, and spread the message.


We recently launched our new Dutch website! When you order a bracelet on that website, you will receive an enveloppe which you can use for sending your old phones FOR FREE. As a reward you will get access to lots of cool stuff with discounts.


Be the first one to wear a unique bracelet made of metals extracted from recycled mobile phones! This infinity circle is handmade by the amazing jewelry designer Eva Schreuder. The unique and timeless design is made from 100% recycled silver.

You can adjust the length of this bracelet to any size you want. It fits anyone! 

We believe in circularity. That’s why we make sure that for every piece of jewelry that we sell, our partner Closing the Loop can collect, ship, and responsibly recycle waste phones from Africa. This way, these metals will be used for eternity! And therefore, YOU contribute to less e-waste worldwide.


Light gray, Dark green, Cobalt blue, Midnight blue, Dark brown, Black, Bright and classy pink, Green, White