I'm sending my old phone(s)!

I'm sending my old phone(s)!

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Including BTW

If you buy a product from us, you can have a return envelope delivered for €3, with which you can send your old telephones free of charge and without hassle.

Would you like to use our service to recycle old mobile phones only? Of course you can!

Buy this product and receive an email in your inbox with instructions and a reply number, to where you can also send your old phone(s)! And then we take care of the rest :) Nice right? 

No time to Waste!

Everyone loves phones. Nobody likes waste. Worldwide there are hundreds of millions of old mobile phones in people's drawers. Nothing to do.

NoWa is on a mission to collect these old discarded phones and turn them into something beautiful. As our raw materials are running out, it is becoming increasingly important that we recycle more. Only then can we reuse valuable raw materials - such as gold and silver in old telephones. For example, to make beautiful circular jewelry :)

Closing the Loop
E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream and a major problem. That is why we work together with our partner Closing the Loop. They collect and ship discarded phones from Africa and then recycle them responsibly. For every piece of jewelry we sell, we donate a part, so that Closing the Loop can continue the work. In this way, all metals from waste telephones are used for eternity, and you contribute to less E-waste worldwide.

Social work place
In addition, we also think it is important to move in an inclusive society. The jewelry that you receive beautifully packaged at home is packed in a sheltered workshop. This will create more jobs for people with a distance to the labor market.