Circular Jewelry

Unique jewelry made from recycled gold and silver from old phones

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Our mission is to show that we don't have to get gold out of the ground at all. The gold is literally there for the taking!"

Josette de Vroeg (Founder NoWa)
Circular Jewelry

Seeing the beauty in waste

Did you know that we throw away about 50 million tons of e-waste every year? At least 70% of this mountain of e-waste ends up in landfills. Not only a shame, but also very bad for the environment. That's why NoWa makes jewelry from pure gold and silver, extracted directly from recycled cell phones. With your purchase you do not only yourself or your loved one a favor, but also the planet. For each piece of jewelry that we sell, we collect waste mobile phones. That way we make the circle complete

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Josette de Vroeg

Almost everyone on this earth has a cell phone. The problem is that many people do not know that these contain valuable raw materials such as gold and silver. That's why in the Netherlands alone there are millions of phones just lying around gathering dust in drawers. And every year we throw 27 million euros worth of gold in the trash. That is such a waste!

I hope that NoWa will make people think and that we will recycle more. I don't believe in pointing fingers, but in showing how it can be done.  

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Join our movement

During our workshops, we take you into the world of the circular economy. How valuable can waste be? What is actually in an old phone? And more importantly: what can you do with it? You will learn it all in our workshops, in which we also share interesting facts about e-waste and recycling. Fun for young and old.


Do you work for a company and want to make sustainability tangible in the workplace and actively involve your employees? Then check out! Our website for the best collection campaigns of old phones.




Do you have a store and would you like to sell the jewelry of NoWa? You can. We have created a beautiful display where old phones can be handed in as well.


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