Recycle your old phone!

At NoWa we are on a mission to create more awareness about the fast-growing mountain of E-waste in a positive and accessible way. Will you be the next link in our CHAIN ​​REACTION? 

First things first

Make sure your personal data and important data have been transferred or deleted. read here how to do that easily in three steps.


Then check whether you have your old telephone:

  • can be reused (by someone else)

  • can give them another life by taking them to the thrift store or selling them on Marktplaats

  • can use for something else like security camera or 'music phone'

  • still repairable


No? Then it's ready for recycling! You have several options:

  1.  When checking out your favorite item, you can tick the option to send us your old mobile phone(s) for only €3. We pay the rest of the costs and ensure that they are properly recycled. And of course we turn it into the most beautiful new jewelry. It doesn't get more circular :)

    Let's do it!

  2. Our partner IT From Tomorrow helps us to sort all collected phones and to ensure that the phones that are no longer useful are recycled. That is why you can also send your old phones directly to them:

    Marconi Street 16
    1821 BX Alkmaar

  3. Hand in your phones at a collection point near you:
  • Of Environmental street
  • Stores such as AH, Mediamarkt.
  • Telephone shops such as VodafoneZiggo, T-Mobile etc.
  • Charities (AAP Foundation for example)


Thanks thanks thanks! Thanks to people like you, we no longer have to extract raw materials from the earth, but we can make beautiful things from our waste. You are worth gold.

Spread the word :)