We are NoWa. NoWa stands for No Waste. We create jewelry from gold and silver recycled from waste phones. That's right, from Trash to Treasure.

Jewelry is the ultimate tool for telling about the value of waste. They almost always have an emotional value. Just think: when you get married, when someone dies, on a birthday, in honor of a friendship, always a special moment. A memory. Jewelry connects people - literally and figuratively. 

That's why connection is at the heart of all our collections. We are all connected (and no, not just through our phones ;). A sincere connection is what we all strive for. We are connected with ourselves, with each other and with a NoWa jewel a little extra with the earth. 


“We believe in a world where everyone sees the value of e-waste, turns in old electronics and all electronics are recycled in a sustainable way.”


Our partner, Closing the Loop, collects old phones from e-waste dumps in Africa to properly recycle them in Europe and reuse the valuable materials.

When Josette, founder of NoWa, working for Closing the Loop in 2015, she was trying to turn the cell phone into a waste-free product. During that time, Josette and her friend Joyce came up with the idea of making jewelry from the silver and gold from old phones collected by Closing the Loop in Africa.

The potential of e-waste

A ton of e-waste contains sixty times as much gold as a ton of gold ore. It is also much easier to extract gold from e-waste than to extract gold from ore. It is estimated that 30 to 40 percent of the world's total demand for rare metals can be met through urban mining. Yes, let that sink in for a moment!


Contribute to less e-waste

For every piece of jewelry we sell, Closing the Loop, winner of the Circular Award 2018, collects discarded phones from Africa. So not only do you get a beautiful piece of jewelry, but you also contribute to less e-waste worldwide. Who would have thought that wearing a piece of jewelry could feel so good?


Our partner Closing the Loop

Hundreds of millions of old phones end up in landfills in Africa. A big problem, because these countries are not able to recycle the old phones in a sustainable way. E-waste is incinerated and this releases a lot of waste products. This is bad for the population and the planet. That is why Closing The Loop collects these phones and ensures that they are recycled as well as possible in Europe.