Our raw materials are running out. A golden idea to recycle more, right?

That is why we have devised various collection campaigns and workshops for schools, for companies and for shops.

Join our recycle movement!

The Gold Digger Workshop

In this workshop we take the participants on a quest for gold in old telephones and show the value of waste. We do this workshop for both companies and schools (look at here the item that the Youth News made about us). Fun for all ages!

The mobile phone is an icon, almost everyone has an obsession with it. This is evident from this fact: on average, we check our phone no less than 221 times a day. We are so busy with it and yet few people know that there are valuable resources in their phone, such as gold and silver. That is why millions of telephones are gathering dust in drawers in the Netherlands alone. 

We think it's a shame at NoWa. Why should we continue to extract raw materials from the ground, if nowadays there is more above the ground (in e-waste) than under the ground?

We incorporated such interesting facts and impressive statistics into an interactive quiz during the workshop. Then we go as real urban miners get to work dissecting old telephones in search of gold! We facilitate this with special tool sets and guidance. Of course we ensure that the telephones that have been dismantled during the workshop are recycled responsibly afterwards.

Thanks to this hands-on approach, the participants look at their phones in a different way afterwards and they know much more about the value of waste and the future of recycling. We also give concrete tips on what to do with their old mobile phones.

Does this seem fun and interesting to you? Mail to sabine@thisisnowa.com.

NoWa in your shop!

With our circular and stylish jewelery we show the value of waste, the importance of recycling and the potential of reuse in a positive and tangible way. In addition, we want to encourage people to hand in their old phones and your store can play a great role in that!

How nice if you can make your customers happy with a beautiful and honest piece of jewelry and encourage them to take action? How special if your store can contribute to less E-waste in a small-scale way by creating a charming collection point and thus give the collection of old telephones a positive character?

If you would like more information, please send an email to sabine@thisisnowa.com. 


Corporate fundraising campaigns

Do you work for a company and do you want to make sustainability tangible in the workplace and actively involve employees? Look here