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How many phones is my jewelry made from?

Of course it differs per design, but you need about eight telephones for 1 gram of silver and 35 to 40 telephones for 1 gram of gold. 


What happens to my phone(s) when I send them in?

The phone arrives at ICT From Tomorrow. They train young people with a distance to the labor market, who ensure that the handed-in mobile phones get a second life or that they are recycled in a responsible manner. First they safely delete all data from the phone. They do this in accordance with European privacy legislation. Then they check whether they can still repair the phone. Is this not possible? Then the phone will be recycled in a responsible manner.

What happens if my phone is recycled?

By recycling, valuable raw materials – such as gold and silver – are extracted that can be used again. Did you know that there are about € 1.70 worth of raw materials hidden in your phone?


What happens to the rest of the resources from the phone?

NoWa only uses the gold and silver from the old phones. But in total there are more than 30 resources in a phone. After recycling, the other raw materials are resold. Sometimes for new phones, sometimes for other products. The quality of raw materials that have been recycled is just as good as when the raw materials are extracted from the ground. So there is no difference in quality. 

What can I do if my old phone is still worth quite a bit of money?

If you still have a good working phone that is not that old, it is best to resell it. This way you make someone else happy with it and you earn something from it. At the Chain ReACTION we focus on old and broken telephones that are not worth much anymore. Of course you can also send phones that are still worth something. With the money that is earned, you support ICT Starting Tomorrow. This way they can help even more young people with a distance to the labor market!


When will my order be delivered?

We aim to dispatch all orders within two working days. 

If your item is shipped outside the Netherlands, it will take a little longer. Delivery within the EU takes an average of 4 working days. Outside the EU, the time between sending the product and the arrival of the product depends on your destination. We will keep you informed! We will send you an e-mail as soon as your item is ready for shipment and we will send you a track and trace code so that you can keep an eye on your order.


What are the shipping costs?


For shipping within the Netherlands it is free if the order is above € 50. If the order is less than €50, you will be charged €3.95. That is part of the shipping cost. We pay the rest.


Shipping costs of €15.00 will be charged for shipping within the EU.


It is possible to order our jewelry if you live outside the EU. Shipping costs of €17.30 will be charged for shipping outside the EU.


Can I track my package?

Within the Netherlands we work together with PostNL. You will receive a track and trace code from us. Orders within the EU will also receive a track and trace code once the package has been shipped, from the third party that ships your items. This way you can always track your order.


What is the return policy?

Did our product not meet your expectations? Don't worry, you can exchange or return the item within 14 days of delivery. If you want to return or exchange an item, you can contact us at info@thisisnowa.com. Let us know why you want to return your item. Is the item too big, too small, or does the item not meet your expectations? The more details you can give us, the better we can use your feedback to improve our products. And maybe we can help you find the piece of jewelry that does suit you.

Please note that returns without a return email cannot be processed. The item you wish to return must arrive at our office in perfect condition so that we can process your request. NoWa is not responsible for defects in the item prior to receipt of the package. You can return your item(s) to:

Nova BV

Dorpsweg Ransdorp 80

1028BR Amsterdam

Don't forget to let us know that the item you've returned is yours, either by specifying a sender or adding a note with your order number.


What if my item breaks?

NoWa guarantees quality. If your item breaks within six months of purchase, you can return the piece of jewelery to us. We will then repair it for you free of charge. First let us know that you are returning your item via email: info@thisisnowa.com and mention what is broken. If you can add a photo to show what's broken that would be great!

After notification via e-mail, we will repair the item free of charge. We will let you know within 2 weeks when you can expect your item in new condition. If your item has broken after six months, you can use our repair service. We will repair your item for a good price and return it as good as new. The price of our repair service depends on the damage.

Please contact us by email by letting us know what is broken and attach a photo of your broken item. We will then get back to you within two weeks with the price of the repair.