Do you want to do something fun in the field of sustainability and make your employees feel valued? 

Then join our 'Jij Bent Gold' campaign. This is a fun collection campaign of old telephones to create awareness about the value of waste: 'You are worth gold and so are your old telephone(s)!' ✨

The campaign that makes sustainability fun, tangible and measurable!

Companies that preceded you: VodafoneZiggo, APG and many others.

Bedrijf zamelt mobiele telefoons in

Sustainability advisor APG Juul Jeurninck-Janssen: “The gold diggers workshop made me realize that we really need to look at our stuff with different eyes - do I really need it, does it have to be new? And that we have to handle our stuff differently - can it still be repaired?”

What exactly does the 'Jij Bent Gold' campaign entail? 

We take all the work off your hands and set up a fun communication campaign, have beautiful collection bins made from circular cardboard. 

We provide insight into how much CO2 has been saved, and how many new raw materials can be obtained from this collection campaign. We can also provide Gold Digger workshops (both physical and online), where employees can look for gold and silver in their old phones! In addition, we have developed a Gold Digger game and/or we can make beautiful products for your employees from the collected telephones. 

So we help very concretely and tangibly with the implementation of your CSR policy. 

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Satisfied employees

'You Are Worth Gold' ensures that employees feel valued and do something meaningful. That's good for them and for your business. Because, research recently showed, those who have a social, sustainable employer are more loyal and more productive. Plus – also not unimportant – happier and more satisfied.

Better for the environment

Who participates in the 'You Are Worth Gold' campaign, helps to reduce that large mountain of electronic waste.

Did you know that e-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. The e-waste waste stream is growing three times faster than other waste streams such as plastic. And in the Netherlands alone there are millions and millions of old telephones just lying in the drawers, nothing to do! We can change this. So far we have already collected 15,000 old telephones and we want to increase that number. Are you in?

If you participate as a company, you ensure that your employees look at waste in a different way, take action and contribute to a better environment.

Something for you(r company)? Join us and send an email to