Sustainable Mother's Day gift (TIP)

Sustainable Mother's Day gift (TIP)

Duurzaam Moederdag cadeau (TIP)

Mother's Day is a day when we thank our mothers for everything they do for us. This year you can do this in a sustainable way with the no waste bracelets from All our No Waste Bracelets are made with love and by hand in the Netherlands. For every piece of jewelry we sell, we also ensure that waste telephones are collected. This is how we complete the circle.

Do you want to buy a sustainable Mother's Day gift?

This is why you should go for a No Waste bracelet:

  • 100% Recycled with Love. This design is made from recycled gold and silver from old telephones
  • For making a No Waste bracelet about 12 phones necessary
  • The entire process takes place in the Netherlands. From recycling to hand finishing the high-quality jewellery.

With us you buy a high-quality and sustainable Mother's Day gift. A party to unpack!

Sustainable gift

So why not give your mom a sustainable gift this year that will not only surprise her, but also benefit the planet? The no waste bracelets from are a great option. Check out the website for more information on these beautiful, sustainable and ethically sourced bracelets and order one for your mother to show her how much you care.

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