NoWa Inside Out!

Josette met de crew van televisie programma Binnenste Buiten, NPO 2

Super fun: an item about NoWa in an episode of Binnenste Buiten, the daily program of NPO2! 

Josette de Early
went on the road with the Binnenste Buiten team for NoWa and tells the story and the mission: to show the value of waste. Why do we still extract raw materials from the ground, if so much can be obtained from (among other things) old mobile phones? The process at the foundry that processes the gold and silver from waste telephones passes by and you get an insight into the gold prospector's workshop at a primary school. And we're not going to tell anything else, go see it!


Watch the May 11, 2022 episode here of lees the interview!


Atmosphere impression from behind the scenes:

Josette met de crew van het televisieprogramma Binnenste Buiten

Cameraman en filmploeg van tv-programma Binnenste Buiten

Bij de gieter!

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