See here the video of Atelier Revive about how to make the bracelets smaller and larger: 

And see here the video about how to tie a knot yourself, if it has come loose:


Over Atelier Revive

We are very happy with our new partner Atelier Revive. What a wonderful company. At Atelier Revive, our bracelets are knotted and packed. They contribute to a clean world with fair opportunities for women with a migration background. They offer these women a workplace as seamstresses. This is practical work, where speaking good Dutch is not a requirement. They offer sewing lessons, language lessons and job coaching in the workplace, among other things. This gives the women the opportunity to develop further and they are ready to take the next step; paid work inside or outside the studio.

Atelier Revive, like NoWa, considers waste as a raw material. They make new reusable products from discarded materials, such as textiles. They breathe new life into discarded materials by turning them into beautiful reusable products. With this production they create jobs and opportunities for women who are at a distance from the labor market. With our collaboration, we reduce the mountain of waste together and we work towards a circular economy.

Their message is: A clean world with fair opportunities for everyone!