Why it's better to go for recycled gold

Waarom je beter voor gerecycled goud kunt gaan

The gold jewelry we all wear may shine, but the gold industry absolutely does not. Deforestation, dumping of chemical mining waste, exploitation and child labor are the most normal thing in the world in the gold industry. Yet most of our gold still comes from these controversial gold mines. And that while there are plenty of options to recycle the gold we have already mined. In this article we explain why it is better to choose recycled gold.


Gold mining and the environment


Gold is often extracted from ore, which contains only very small amounts of gold. To extract the precious metal directly from ore, chemicals are needed. This process is called gold cyanidation. As the name suggests, cyanide, an extremely toxic substance used to extract the gold from the ground, is used during this process. In addition, mercury, an equally toxic substance, is used to separate the gold from the ground. As you can probably imagine, this has a huge impact on the environment. And not only the environment, but also the miners suffer.


Social Impact


In the remote areas surrounding gold mines, poverty often prevails. As a result, miners usually do not wear proper protection, awareness around working with harmful substances is low, and child labor often occurs. Working in the small, often unofficial mines is one of the worst forms of child labor. According to Unicef, over 1 million children work in small-scale gold mining. They are exposed to unsafe and unhealthy work situations with accidents and danger of collapse. In addition, the frequent use of mercury damages their health: directly through work and indirectly through contamination of pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Moreover, it is uncertain whether middlemen who come to collect the gold in these kinds of areas pay a fair price.


Go for recycled gold


By recycling gold, we can avoid all these problems. There is already enough gold mined, we don't need any more "new" gold. Think for example of all the e-waste in which gold is still hidden. Old phones, laptops and other devices lying around in our drawers are full of precious metals. It is estimated that about 7% of our gold supply is tied up in e-waste. A shame, right? That's why Nowa makes jewelry from recycled gold from old phones. Curious about the collection? Check out our jewelry here.


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