The Chain ReACTION: the best fundraising campaign for old telephones

The Chain ReACTION: the best fundraising campaign for old telephones

De KettingreACTIE: de leukste inzamelingsactie voor oude telefoons

Every year we throw 27 million euros worth of gold in the trash. Well, it may surprise you, but all the electronics that we throw away with the residual waste still contain very valuable raw materials such as gold. And then we haven't even counted all those old phones that are gathering dust in the back of a drawer somewhere. A shame, we think at Nowa. That's why we came up with Chain ReACTION: a fundraising campaign that makes recycling fun.

On a mission

In the Netherlands alone, millions of old telephones are gathering dust in drawers. Nowa is on a mission to collect all these old phones and make something beautiful with them. Because our raw materials are running out, it is becoming increasingly important that we recycle more. Only then can we reuse valuable resources – such as gold and silver hidden in your old phone. That's why we're starting the Chain ReACTION: a collection of old telephones in which you are the most important link.

How does the Chain ReACTION work?

If you have ordered a bracelet or necklace from Nowa, you can then send your old telephone(s) free of charge in the enclosed envelope with freepost number. You will also receive two 'you are worth gold' pass-on cards to inspire others to do the same and keep the chain reaction going. In exchange for handing in your old telephone(s), you will receive a 15% discount at Nowa and an email with many more discounts and great offers. 

What happens to my old phone?

Did you send your old phone in the enclosed envelope? Then it will end up at ICT From Tomorrow. They train young people with a distance to the labor market, who ensure that the handed-in mobile phones get a second life or that they are recycled in a responsible manner. First, all data is safely removed from the phone. They do this in accordance with European privacy legislation. Then they check whether they can still repair the phone. Is this not possible? Then the phone will be recycled in a responsible manner.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Thanks to this collection campaign, the raw materials can be reused and we do not have to burden the earth unnecessarily with the extraction of new raw materials. By recycling e-waste, raw materials are therefore preserved, harmful substances do not end up in the environment and CO2 emissions are avoided.

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