Circular Economy Week: Circular Jewelry

De Week van de Circulaire Economie: Circulaire sieraden

Closing the loop, that's what we want to achieve with Nowa's circular jewelry. Nowa stands for No Waste. By reusing the gold and silver from phones, these old devices no longer consist of waste, but of value. This week is The Week of the Circular Economy. A great time to zoom in on circularity.


Circularity for cell phones


Josette, founder of Nowa, worked for Closing the Loop in 2015. With a focus on circularity for cell phones, she was trying to make the cell phone a waste-free product. At the time, Josette and her friend Joyce came up with the idea of making jewelry from the discarded phones collected by Closing the Loop. Circular jewelry made from the gold and silver from old phones. Nowa was born.


Why is circularity important?


Circularity assumes that products of today are the raw materials for later: after use, products can be disassembled or recycled and the materials reused. Circularity thus assumes a world without waste. And this is necessary, because today's disposable culture has a huge impact on our planet. Circularity prevents the depletion of raw materials and simultaneously limits the negative impact on the planet. Win-win, in other words. Just think what it would do to the world if every entrepreneur pursued a circular economy!


The Week of the Circular Economy


Circular Economy Week is the annual campaign week for the circular economy. From Monday, February 7 to Saturday, February 12, 2022, entrepreneurs, universities, colleges, governments and all kinds of other organizations open their doors to take other professionals into the circular economy. Good examples will be given a stage and pioneers will meet each other. Success factors and challenges of circular entrepreneurship are discussed and starters get tips to get started themselves.


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