Yeah! NoWa exists 3 years

Hoera! NoWa bestaat 3 jaar

Wow, today - February 14, 2022 - marks three years since we started NoWa. This special day feels much shorter to us. In the meantime, we've saved a lot of old phones from the landfill and had the opportunity to make a lot of people happy with a circular piece of jewelry made from recycled silver and/or gold. But do you actually know why we started NoWa February 14, 2019? A little recap.


It all started...


Josette worked for Closing the Loop in 2015. Focusing on circularity for cell phones, she tried to make the cell phone a waste-free product. She wants to share the concept of Closing The Loop with more people, but how? A jewelry line turned out to be the winning idea. Josette: "Jewelry is the perfect tool to show that there is still value in 'waste' and discarded phones." Just under two years later, a collaboration with Closing The Loop and NoWa (short for No Waste), her own jewelry line, were born.


From telephone to jewelry


Josette purchases the recycled silver and gold from the Closing The Loop factory. Josette: "The gold and silver we use for our jewelry comes from the African countries of Ghana, Zambia, Cameroon, Uganda and Rwanda. There, Closing The Loop ensures that the phones are recycled in the West. We buy the gold and silver that remains after this sustainable process from the company." Various designers then go to work with the gold and silver - and turn it into beautiful jewelry.

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