In conversation with jewelery designer Eva Schreuder

Eva Schreuder

Did you know that our Connection collection is handmade and locally produced by jewelery designer Eva Schreuder? We spoke to Eva about her unique designs for NoWa and what it's like to work with recycled silver and gold. You can read the entire interview here.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself in a few sentences? Who you are, but also your experience as a designer?

“My name is Eva Schreuder. I graduated as a jewelery designer at the art academy in Maastricht. Since 2010 I have my own jewelry label. Every year I design a collection around a theme for my label. For example, think of self-esteem of flexibility in response to Covid. In addition, I work on commission, where these themes are also central. It is primarily about the story of the wearer. This is the basis on which we continue to build the design of the jewelry.”

How did the collaboration for NoWa come about? What appeals to you about the brand?

“The collaboration came about because Josette previously received a piece of jewelry from a friend of mine. She remembered this and when she decided to set up the NoWa brand, she called me for a collaboration. What appeals to me about the brand? The way NoWa uses the material sourced for the jewelry. This very clearly puts the finger on the sore spot of the current time. I think it is important at this time as a maker, or rather as a conscious person, to do what I can and to consciously deal with the climate problem. NoWa gives good visibility here. In my own practice we also largely use recycled material. In addition, we make well-considered decisions with regard to sustainability in the field of packaging - and other matters involved in running a business. We also try to use local raw materials as much as possible.”

What inspires you for NoWa's designs?

“Part of the designs already existed. We adapted these for NoWa. We designed the other part especially for NoWa. The starting point here was 'connection'. We are all connected. A deep, genuine connection is what we all strive for. We are connected to ourselves, to each other and of course to the earth. Jewelery also connects people - literally and figuratively. It represents the most beautiful material result of an interpersonal connection.⁠ Every piece of jewelry has a personal value that lies in its emotional or sentimental value. It can refer to your memories, a special person, or that day you never want to forget.”

What is it like to work with recycled silver and gold? Is this different from other materials?

“For NoWa, however, we work with pure silver, so no alloy. That is very soft and therefore different to work with.”

What has designing for NoWa changed for you?

“What I am especially proud to do since our collaboration is to work with material that tackles a major capitalist problem. Namely that of e-waste.”

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