The perfect sustainable gift

Duurzaam cadeau - NoWa

Are you looking for a gift? A sustainable gift for yourself, your wife, your daughter, your girlfriend or someone else you like and love. Then NoWa is the right place for you. 

Celebrate love with not just a gift, but a real one sustainable gift.

Because we want to make people like you happy, we have done our very best to make it an experience. Just unpacking is a joy.

With each piece of jewelry - one armband, An chain of earrings - that you order from NoWa you will receive a 'You are worth gold' card. There you can write your own personal message if it is a gift. If it's for yourself, you can send the card to anyone :) On the back of the 'You are worth gold' card it says: 'And your phone too'. The jewelry of New – the name comes from No Waste – are made from gold and silver from old mobile phones.

Jewelery always tells a special story. That's why it's such a beautiful way to connect people. 

Connection is the bond you have with each other and can show through a piece of jewelry. Every day you wear it brings a reminder of that connection.

Moreover - if you wear a sustainable piece of jewelry from NoWa - you are a little extra connected to the earth.

Giving a sustainable gift?

By wearing our jewelry or giving it as a gift, you are also our ultimate ambassador. In this way you help spread our message - recycling old telephones.

Are you participating? Hand over your old phone in en spread the message!


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