Honest jewelry from NoWa

Eerlijke sieraden van NoWa

What are the benefits of fair trade jewellery?

You may be wondering why you should buy fair trade jewellery. There are several benefits to wearing fair trade jewellery. We name a few for you:

  • Human rights: Honest jewelry is made under decent working conditions and without child labor or exploitation. This means that the people who make the jewelry receive a fair wage and that they are entitled to vacation, sick leave and other benefits.
  • Environment: Honest jewelry is often made with sustainable materials and with attention to the environment. For example, they are made with recycled gold or silver, or with organic cotton for the closure of bracelets. Did you know that the jewelry from NoWa are made of gold and silver from old telephones? 
  • Quality: Honest jewelry is often made with great attention to detail and quality. The makers are proud of their work and know that they receive a fair wage.
  • Personal: By buying honest jewelry, you can ensure that your jewelry is unique and personal. They are often handmade by skilled craftsmen and therefore have a story and meaning that goes beyond mere appearance.

What are the costs of fair trade jewellery?  

Honest jewelry can be slightly more expensive than jewelry made under less good working conditions or with less sustainable materials. This is because there are more costs associated with producing honest jewelry, such as paying the makers a fair wage and using sustainable materials.

On the other hand, honest jewelry can also be cheaper than some other more luxurious jewelry, because they are not intended to serve as a status symbol. They are made to wear and enjoy, not to show how much money someone has. Just like the production of the product, the price is also fair. 

If you're looking for honest jewelry, it's important to remember that price isn't everything. It is also important to look at the working conditions under which the jewelry is made and the environment that is supported by buying the jewelry. All in all, honest jewelry is the perfect thing sustainable gift.

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