What is Fairtrade Jewellery?

What is Fairtrade Jewellery?

Wat zijn Fairtrade Sieraden?

Fairtrade jewelry is jewelry made according to Fairtrade standards. The Fairtrade standards are a set of rules that ensure that farmers and workers in developing countries receive a fair wage and that they work under good working conditions.

Fairtrade jewelry is made from sustainable materials and helps to develop communities in developing countries. When buying Fairtrade jewelry you support these communities and help them to get out of poverty.

At NoWa we actually go a step further than Fairtrade jewelry. We no longer extract the raw materials from the ground at all, but recycle old telephones to extract gold and silver. Why should we continue to extract raw materials from the ground if nowadays there is more above the ground (in e-waste) than under the ground? Read more here Urban Mining.

Are fair trade jewelery also sustainable?

Yes, fair trade jewelry is often also sustainable. 

By buying fair trade jewelry you not only support the farmers and workers who make the jewelry, but you also contribute to a sustainable future. By choosing sustainable materials and good working conditions, you help to reduce the burden on the environment and to ensure that workers can continue to work in a safe and healthy environment.

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