Hoera! NoWa bestaat 3 jaar

Yeah! NoWa exists 3 years

Wow, today - February 14, 2022 - marks three years since we started NoWa. This special day feels much shorter to us. In the meantime, we've saved a lot of old phones from the landfill and had t...
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De Week van de Circulaire Economie: Circulaire sieraden

Circular Economy Week: Circular Jewelry

Closing the loop, that's what we want to achieve with Nowa's circular jewelry. Nowa stands for No Waste. By reusing the gold and silver from phones, these old devices no longer consist of w...
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Waarom je beter voor gerecycled goud kunt gaan

Why it's better to go for recycled gold

The gold jewelry we all wear may shine, but the gold industry absolutely does not. Deforestation, dumping of chemical mining waste, exploitation and child labor are the most normal thing in the wor...
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Onze goudmijn: Closing The Loop

Our gold mine: Closing The Loop

Seventy percent of all reused phones end up in developing countries. A big problem, because these countries are not able to recycle the old phones in a sustainable way. E-waste is incinerated and t...
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Jouw oude telefoon is geld waard

Your old phone is worth money

Yes really, your old phone is worth money! That 'old fridge' of yours contains even more gold than gold ore. Yet we often toss our old phone in the back of a drawer without thinking about i...
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